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We have been looking for the right harness for our dogs for a long time. Some were too heavy, others consisted only of straps held by rings. Still others were too short or were not comfortable. In most cases, the materials lack the quality for handling a large and strong dog. Collars were never an option for us, as we did not want any pressure on our dog’s neck area.

With Beat Grossenbacher and his team, we have found a supplier who does not manufacture dog harnesses for the sake of style, but harnesses that offer the dog full freedom of movement. This means the fit ensures ideal shoulder and elbow room. Thanks to the ergonomic fit, the abdominal straps can be adjusted very loosely and the dog does not feel any pressure on the spine.

For good reason, the Swiss manufacturer is trusted by police, rescue services and dog units from around the world. It does not matter whether it’s a puppy harness, an everyday harness, a mantrailing harness, a protection harness or a support harness for old or recovering dogs, we at Hovawart.Rocks will help you find the right harness for you and your dog.

As a family business, we are proud to maintain a friendly relationship with Beat Grossenbacher and his team.

Contact us, we are the experts in harnesses for large and sporty dogs in Germany.

Beat Grossenbacher und Alexander Laubenthal auf der InterZoo
Alexander Laubenthal and Beat Grossenbacher at InterZoo 2022

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